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5781 Membership

Dear Members and Friends,

We hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe. On June 19th, we were able to return to our beloved Bais Haknesses. We continue to navigate the current challenging and ever-changing environment to safely accommodate all of our members and newly-joined Tifereth Israel community members.

Given the absence of our annual dinner and numerous other cash flow impacts (e.g., no rentals) due to the impact of COVID-19 and due to many new faces to our shul, we are asking those who recently joined our community to become members. We offer a discounted rate, including the remainder of this Hebrew year. Those who select memberships which include Yomim Noraim seat reservations will be provided simple instructions on the streamlined process closer to the Yomim Noraim.  

We are ever watchful of our operational efficiency to ensure that our precious funds are spent wisely, but the need is still great for your prompt and generous submission of funds for membership.

For your convenience, online payment can be made in full or through a payment plan - and is required to complete the process. We never want finances to be an obstacle to becoming a member; to discuss alternative arrangements or for anything not covered on this page, please email

Thank you for supporting Tifereth Israel.


FOR NEW MEMBERS: Prorated for the remainder of 5780 and next year (5781) [inclusive of new member discount]

Membership Type


Donation Level

(in addition to helping the shul continue to operate)

Monthly Rate**


New Membership - Family



Includes Makom Kavuah, 2 Yomim Noraim seats OR 1 standard kiddush sponsorship, complimentary Shabbos groups for kids, access to discounted Yomim Noraim seats, member only events and discounted kiddush and hall rentals. Note 1: New membership discount can only be used once. Note 2: Single membership includes 1 Yomim Noraim seat OR 1 standard kiddush sponsorship. 

New Membership
- Single
$36 $500
New Membership
- Associate
$36 $500     Thank you for supporting our shul and joining us        occasionally. Note: Associate membership is only      available to those who have a full membership at      another shul.
*Certain member benefits (e.g., Makom Kavuah, Shabbos groups for kids) are currently unavailable due to the situation around COVID-19. 
**Based on a 14 month membership, including the 2+ months in 5780. Note: Payment system allows recurring payments over a maximum of 12 months and is setup on a monthly payment basis. 

Mon, July 13 2020 21 Tammuz 5780