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Youth Minyan

Tif Youth Minyan Sponsorship

Youth Minyan gives our children the opportunity to be involved in running a minyan, gain new skills, and meet boys their age. The monthly minyan includes divrei Torah and an exclusive kiddush. 

By sponsoring the kiddush, you encourage our youth to learn critical leadership skills our kehilah needs for the future. Sponsor a Youth Minyan kiddush in honor of a birthday, Bar Mitzvah anniversary, Siyum, outstanding report card, or any other reason. All sponsorships will be publicly acknowledged (and if you have a son in the Minyan, he will receive an aliyah) and applied to the next upcoming Youth Minyan. If you would like to sponsor a different Youth Minyan, please indicate in the text box below.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Youth interested in participating in the Youth Minyan must register by filling out this form.

For questions or more information, please contact Rabbi Eisenberg at

Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783