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Tifereth Israel Shabbos Sponsorships

Dear Members and Friends,

To support the Shul during these unique times as well as make a dedication for a yahrtzeit, refuah shleima, in honor of a Simcha, or other z'chus, we are introducing two weekly opportunities for sponsorships.

The first is the "Ve'nishmartem Me'od" weekly sponsorship of the disinfectants and cleaning supplies.
The Torah decrees, “Ve'nishmartem me'od le'nafshoseichem, Be very careful about your lives,” (Devarim 4:15). We are obligated to preserve our health and the wellbeing of others, and you can merit in supporting the Shul in this endeavor.  This sponsorship will be displayed in the announcements erev Shabbos.

The second opportunity is sponsoring Rabbi Cohen's weekly Devar Torah.  Your dedication will be printed on the front page. 

For your convenience, online payment can be made in full or through a payment plan. 

Please contact the if you have any questions or are looking for additional sponsorship opportunities.

Thank you for supporting Tifereth Israel.

Tue, November 30 2021 26 Kislev 5782